Get Involved

Want to be a part of the Philadelphia Draw-a-Thon? That’s great, here’s how:


At the Philly Draw-a-Thon we encourage artists from all backgrounds and skill levels to join us. There are no “minimum”  skill levels, as long as you love to draw you will fit right in!

While our event is a full 24 hours we do not require volunteer artists to stay the entire time ( although, we encourage you to stick it out if you can!). Any amount of time you can donate is a big help and we appreciate it just the same!

Please feel free to bring your own favorite mediums. This can rage from Hi-Tech Cintiqs* to low tech charcoal, we will also have assorted paper and drawing mediums on hand for use by every one.

If  being an artists sounds like it’s for you please E-mail us at with the word “ARTIST” in the subject line.

Event Volunteers:

If drawing isn’t for you but you would still like to be a part of the Philly Draw-a-Thon we can always use volunteer staff to help out at events.

Duties delegated to staff volunteers range from: Keeping an eye on the game tables, managing our game tournaments, answering and directing questions, helping with set up and break down, and help with the food table. As with the Artists, Volunteers are not required to stay the entire 24 hours, although we do encourage you to give us a time frame so we know who is around if we need help.

Being a volunteer at the Philly Draw-a-Thon is generally quite a laid back affair, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the event it self. If this sounds like a job for you please E-mail us at and put “Volunteer” in the subject line

*Please be advised, If you decide to bring your own drawing tools or equipment you are responsible for the safety and well being of it. The Philly Draw-A-Thon can take no responsibility for lost or stolen items. With that being said, we have a really great bunch of people who come out for this event and have had no issues such as this in the past. Please use common sense and your own judgement when it comes to leaving your property unattended or lending it out.