About the Draw-a-Thon

What is the Draw-a-thon all about?

The Philadelphia Draw-a-thon was founded in 2012 by an artistic group of do-gooders. The goal of the event is to give artists an opportunity to use their talents to give back to the community and bring smiles to the faces of young kids.

The concept of the event is to take the dreaded “all nighter” that so many artists are familiar with and make it into a fun, challenging day long sketch session. For 24 hours, the artists involved sketch their favorite characters from cartoons, movies, comics, and video games. At the end of the 24 hours, the sketches are then sold at $10 per sketch. All of the proceeds from the event are then donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, via Child’s Play Charity. The charity buys games, toys, and movies for children who need to stay at the hospital for extended periods of time. This year’s event will take place July 13-14 at the University of the Arts Solmssen court, 12pm-12pm.